justice laub

(b. 1982, Santa Rosa, California, USA) is a abstract/imaginative/uninhibited painter. Working alongside scientists, his work deconstructs the scientific rhetoric common almost the biological and chemical mechanisms in contemporary research.

Justice leverages his learning difference to elucidate the complex compounds, enzymes, mathematics and technologies in the biotech, pharmaceutical and renewable energy industries to the masses. Providing imaginative scenes that emulate cellular and chemical processes through a personal lens, his work attempts to disseminate the ivory tower of academia without domain specificity; with the aim to be understood and enjoyed by all.

Taking guidance by Max Nanis founder of a leading epigenetics company New Age, and a pioneering synthetic fabrics company, media moguls and other world famous minds. The works follow current emerging technology. Guided only by the future development of scientists and engineers, his work trails the wake of innovation, aimed as a provided service to educate and inspire those intimidated STEM subjects.